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Choose Your Own Adventure!

There are four base routes to choose from: 15, 35, 50 and 80 miles, plus three optional climbs. You can stay in the valley and ride the rolling hills found on the base routes or you can add more challenge & distance by taking on the optional out & back climbs.


Between the four base routes and the three optional climbs, there are a total of 21 route combinations ranging from 15 to 100 miles(We've even got a free 2-mile kids ride on Dunlap's Coops Creek Greenway Saturday morning at 9:15!)

As if that's not enough, we also offer three mixed-surface routes (40, 64, 100) that provide access to some hidden gems in Sequatchie Valley accessible only by unpaved (or barely paved) roads. See below for more details about these special routes!

If you take on any of the climbs or complete a mixed-surface route, don't forget to stop by the Prize Table when you reach the finish line to receive your reward! Special thanks to Village Volkswagen for sponsoring the 3 Mtn Challenge! 

Please be advised that the optional climbs are super steep and on narrow backroads with rough pavement. Experienced cyclists only - with disc brakes!

Base Routes


15-MILE ROUTE: A great introduction to cycling in Sequatchie Valley with plenty of rolling hills and nice views of the valley & ridges. Click below for a downloadable map. 

15 Miles.jpg


The rest stop at the Dollar General is provided by our friends at Tower Community Bank, and it's the first rest stop on all of the base routes except the 15-mile route (which doesn't have a rest stop due to the length of the route). If you don't do any of the climbs, you'll hit this rest stop around mile 11.

3 Mtn Challenge


Presented by Village Volkswagen

FULL CENTURY (Henson Gap first): This is the ultimate challenge that combines the 80-mile base route with all three climbs. 103 miles, 8200 feet of climbing. Click below for a downloadable map. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to continue on the full century route, you must reach the Pikeville rest stop by 11:30. After 11:30, all cyclists will be redirected to return to Dunlap via the 50-mile route.  

100 Miles (3 Mtn Challenge) Henson First.jpg


5.1 miles to the top / 1,600 feet of climbing

Henson Gap is the longest of the three climbs, but it rewards those brave enough to take it on with a spectacular view overlooking Sequatchie Valley (along with a rest stop). With its location just a few miles from our home base in downtown Dunlap, Henson Gap can be attempted right off the bat when your legs are still waking up, or you can save it for the end when your legs are potentially cooked from a long day in the saddle. Your call. The climb consists of two parts, with a consistently steep first part that includes a nasty "S" curve with grades in the high teens. After grinding out the first three and a half miles on Henson Gap Road, you'll then turn onto Window Rock Road and continue uphill with a series of steep ramps before finally reaching the rest stop at the Tree Toppers hang gliding launch pad. The descent requires sharp focus and steady braking to ensure that your speed remains under control, especially prior to entering the "S" curve, which is not only the steepest and curviest part of the descent, but also has the worst pavement. Use extreme caution and don't cheat the corners. This climb/descent is for experienced cyclists only. Don't underestimate the grades and curves!

Climb #1 Henson Gap.jpg


The full mixed-surface century includes 10 unpaved (or barely paved) sectors and two brutal climbs! Roughly 80% paved/20% gravel & trashy asphalt100 miles, 7900 feet of climbing. Please note that this route WILL NOT BE MARKED. This is a challenge for experienced cyclists only and requires the ability to self-navigate and manage road surfaces not suitable for skinny road tires. Click below for a downloadable map. 

100 Miles Mixed Surface.jpg
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